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Modern Sarong
The Modern Sarong can be worn 15 different ways!!!!!

Pictured on: P-1, P-2, P-3, and P-4

Cotton        $55
Colors: White, ecru, black, brown, red, dusty rose, fuscia, forrest green, royal blue, purple, and plum.

Rayon         $65
Colors: White, ecru, black, red, dusty rose, forrest green, royal blue.

********* Tie-dyed ********
Cotton         $75
Rayon          $85
Colors: Royal blue with red, green, and yellow along bottom.      Red with blue, green, and yellow along bottom.

Sizes: The number of inches around the widest part of your bust.  (If you plan on also wearing it as a skirt and your hips/waist are larger than your bust line, then measure that and your bust line and find a happy medium between the two.)

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